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We offer a vast range of phenolic resins, moulding compounds, fillers, abrasive grains, chemical additives and cleaners, alongside the capability to customise products and services to your needs.

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Leading-edge products and guaranteed quality.

Intercom S.r.l. is an important player in phenolic resins, moulding compounds, fillers, abrasive grains, cleaners and other chemical additives. It produces and distributes for the global market and has achieved impressive results both in Italy and abroad by developing a wide range of products used in a vast variety of industries, from construction to automotive.

Abrasives industry




Feltri e fonoassorbenti


Moulding compounds

Novolak resin for moulding compounds

Industrial cleaners

Environment-friendly cleaners for the food industry

Fillers and chemical additives

Abrasive grains

The Intercom Chemicals brands

Ceaseless research and improvement of the various formulations has led to the creation of special patents, officially recognised with their own registered trademarks. Over the years, Intercom has registered the following brands:

lerite brand

Years of studies and technical improvement have yielded proprietary formulae for special applications...


lerite brand

Lerite® thermoset moulding compounds comply with the EN/ISO 14526-3, PEFC  international standards...


lerite brand

The T72 cleaner for phenolic resins is a professional detergent that solves the buildup of deposits...


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Supporting every need

Our commercial offering is only the start of our partnership, as we are able to provide you with specialist services and consulting, before and after sale.


Chemical analyses



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