TechPox®, high-performance epoxy resins for the abrasives, automotive and other industries

In recent weeks, we have introduced you to TechPox®, the range of epoxy resins and hardeners from Intercom chemicals, thermosetting polymers that react mainly cold and normally consist of two components, resin and hardener, to which an accelerator is sometimes added according to the final production requirements. It...

TechPox®: the new range of epoxy resins from Intercom chemicals

Intercom chemicals is ready to launch its new range of epoxy resins, marketed under the name TechPox®. This project aims to offer our customers a high-quality product line for applications in the abrasives industry. Similar to what was done for phenolic resins with TechPhen®, TechPox® was created in response to the...

Events, meetings, opportunities: a rich September comes to an end for Intercom chemicals

We return with great enthusiasm from this tour between China and Italy, where our team participated in two important events: the "China Zhengzhou International Abrasive & Grinding Exposition" and "Marmomac" in Verona. "While digital technology has made long-distance business relationships easier, in-person trade...

Intercom chemicals at the A&G 2023 Fair in Zhengzhou in September

Come back regenerated from a few days of vacation, as previously announced in our latest news, the Intercom chemicals team is back in action with significant goals and new challenges on the horizon. The first one is just around the corner. September will indeed be a busy month for our company: we will have our booth...

Time for a balance sheet: 1st semester between trade shows and new opportunities. Ready to launch TechPox

The first half of 2023 has just come to an end, and the holiday season in August will mark the beginning of the second part of a challenging and intense year for our company. At Intercom chemicals, we live these moments as an opportunity to take stock of what has been done, sharing results and future prospects with...

Intercom chemicals' phenolic resins: guaranteed customization and no minimum order quantity

TechPhen® is Intercom chemicals' proprietary brand that distinguishes the phenolic resins produced and marketed by the company, which is the core business and true pride of our organization. With strong binding properties and high thermal resistance, TechPhen® phenolic resins are a reliable and long-lasting product...

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