Lerite®: Intercom's molding compounds: thermosetting, patented and eco-sustainable.

Lerite® is the brand dedicated to thermosetting molding compounds designed and patented by Intercom chemicals. It is an innovative line that meets the most important international sustainability certifications: EN/ISO 14526-3 and PEFC. To demonstrate the great attention we pay to the evaluation of the environmental...

Intercom Chemicals T72® industrial cleaners: high efficiency and low environmental impact

Intercom Chemicals developed over the years a series of product brands, formulations resulting from continuous research which aims to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the products offered. Among these is T72®, a range of industrial detergents ideal for all companies that need to clean their plants from...

Intercom Chemicals' Certifications: quality, safety, and environmental responsability.

The control of business processes, production efficiency, and high-quality services are the basis of Intercom Chemicals' success. We believe that these are fundamental assets for customer satisfaction, work optimization, and environmental protection. Our company has always worked to obtain certifications that attest...

Ambiente Fair 2023, Intercom chemicals in Frankfurt with Lerite® Rice

The new year opens with news that makes us very happy! We will participate in the 2023 edition of Fiera Ambiente in Frankfurt together with Sanmiro Srl, one of our historic partners, selected, together with 200 other international companies, for the Ethical Style section thanks to the Lerite® Rice and RiceUP!...

2022 for Intercom chemicals: between generational changes, new offices in Dubai and innovation

2022 was a complicated year for all companies: the drag on of the post-Covid problems, the difficulty of finding raw materials and the energy crisis linked to the international situation, made the picture challenging for every company: "It's true, even in Intercom chemicals we had to deal with this new situation but...

Intercom's commitment to the environment: supporting Treedom projects

Small concrete actions, rich in meaning and with a strong impact on the environment. With these premises, Intercom chemicals decided to support Treedom, the first web site that allows to plant trees around the world and follow online the progress of projects that will be developed in Africa, Latin America, Asia and...

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