Intercom: organisation is improved to enable smooth handover between generations with support from Cedec

A constant eye on the future, which is being built today on solid foundations, unity of intent and a clear, well defined vision.

These are the reasons why Intercom turned for support to Cedec, leader on the corporate consulting market for over fifty years, with more than 8,000 satisfied clients assisted in the improvement of their businesses.

From the initial analysis of the company to changes to a series of management procedures in specific areas, such as management control and the creation of a training plan to construct the right sectorial skills, Cedec’s support has definitely been very useful in the organisation and management of the future generational handover now in sight.

“The management of sales development processes, the application of PDCA and the organisation of a swot analysis were all new to our young team,” Alberto Coglio, CEO of Intercom Chemicals, explains. “But thanks to the inputs of Cedec and its consultants, although we are well aware that it will take time for the new procedures and updated mindset to be metabolised, I am sure that everyone involved in the forthcoming changes within our company now has the right tools to run an organisation that never stops looking to the future and is already planning its objectives and development plans for the next 10 and 20 years.”

The Cedec consultants also focused on coordination between the company’s various areas and functions, and the allocation of tasks and roles on the basis of specific skills and interests, and these measures will reinforce Intercom Chemicals’ position and enable it to look to the future with even greater confidence.

“Overall, I consider that our work with Cedec has been very successful,” Alberto Coglio concludes. “I am now more convinced than ever that the generational handover to my daughters Alessandra and Arianna will take place on solid managerial foundations and with ambitious objectives for Intercom Chemicals".

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