Intercom's commitment to the environment: supporting Treedom projects

Small concrete actions, rich in meaning and with a strong impact on the environment. With these premises, Intercom chemicals decided to support Treedom, the first web site that allows to plant trees around the world and follow online the progress of projects that will be developed in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy. All Treedom projects significantly contribute to produce environmental, social and economic benefits in the areas concerned.

After announcing the development of sustainable products, Intercom chemicals continues its green journey, planting the first 20 trees in Kenya, Cameroon and Malawi thanks to Treedom, including lemon, albizia, coffee and cocoa. In addition to supporting the local communities where these trees have been planted, their valuable contribution will be to absorb up to 2.14 tons of CO₂.

To find out more about our support for Treedom and follow the project evolution, visit:


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