Lerite®: Intercom's molding compounds: thermosetting, patented and eco-sustainable.

Lerite® is the brand dedicated to thermosetting molding compounds designed and patented by Intercom chemicals. It is an innovative line that meets the most important international sustainability certifications: EN/ISO 14526-3 and PEFC.

To demonstrate the great attention we pay to the evaluation of the environmental impact of our activity, the Intercom R&D team has created two specific evolutions of the Lerite® molding compounds: Lerite® Eco+ and Lerite® Rice.

Lerite® Eco+ was designed with the aim of significantly reducing the use of chemical components in its formulation, which have a greater impact on the environment, by using eco-friendly material in the formula.

The other recent innovation in the Intercom product range is undoubtedly Lerite® Rice, which is made using rice flour instead of traditional raw materials, namely wood flours. This is a fundamental aspect for the protection of forests and, consequently, the chlorophyll photosynthesis process that reduces CO2.

We can therefore argue that Lerite® Rice has a favorable impact on the product's Carbon Foot Print, a factor that is of considerable commercial and environmental interest today.

The valuable characteristics of Lerite® Eco+ and Lerite® Rice make both projects eco-sustainable and certified. In particular, the two lines can boast the PEFC mark, which is the certification for the PEFC Chain of Custody, acronym for Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes, the Recognition Program for Forest Certification Schemes (to learn more about PEFC certification, read the dedicated article).

The excellent physical and chemical characteristics of Lerite® make Intercom chemicals' molding compounds the ideal choice for various sectors and applications: from the production of handles to electrical equipment, to the white goods industry and much more.

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