Lerite®: the Intercom moulding compound with PEFC environment-friendly certification

Intercom is eager to make its contribution on the important issue of environmental sustainability, and has been working for some time on the development of products that meet this need not only of the market but also of our planet itself.

Amongst these, the Lerite® thermoset moulding compounds, which comply with the UL and EN/ISO 14526-3 international standards, have recently been awarded Chain of Custody certification by the PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes.

Lerite® moulding compounds consist of phenolic novolak mixed with fillers including wood flour, cotton waste, fossil flour and other substances, together with hardeners and lubricants. These compounds can be hot-pressed to produce a series of objects with different physical, mechanical and electrical characteristics, which decide their potential uses.

They include objects in everyday use such as synthetic bowls, car dashboard parts, protective parts of electrical devices, pan handles and knobs, knobs for various uses and other items we use every day. Since they are so common, it is even more important for these products to be manufactured with a special focus on environmental sustainability.

Our determination to use sustainable, renewable raw materials for our moulding compounds has led us to opt for wood flour with PEFC certification as the basis for the manufacture of these objects. This flour is obtained from trees grown by practices that protect nature and people, so that a renewable raw material source is managed in a balanced way which guarantees its renewable status. Therefore, products manufactured using Lerite® PEFC moulding compounds are environmentally sustainable and are now on the market with additional guarantees for their end use.

Something we can all do to help to protect our planet is to purchase products that carry the PEFC certification mark. A small act of awareness when out shopping that can significantly improve the environmental footprint of each one of us.

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