2022 for Intercom chemicals: between generational changes, new offices in Dubai and innovation

2022 was a complicated year for all companies: the drag on of the post-Covid problems, the difficulty of finding raw materials and the energy crisis linked to the international situation, made the picture challenging for every company: "It's true, even in Intercom chemicals we had to deal with this new situation but - says Luciano Mattavelli, COO of the company - we were able to anticipate and implement some market diversification strategies that allowed us not to be affected too much.”.

A particular year not only for non-company contingencies: “We didn't miss anything in 2022, so much so that we even faced a delicate process such as a generational change - explains Alberto Coglio, CEO of the company -. However, I am extremely proud of the ability of our "young people" to find innovative solutions to solve all the new problems that arose during the year.".

A 2022 that has forced Intercom chemicals to also change its approach, which has always been aimed at working in the medium term: “The international situation forces us to be increasingly flexible and ready to change on the run - analyzes Mattavelli -. A challenge that we have however welcomed and which has allowed our entire team to get out of the so-called comfort zone and develop a series of reaction and adaptation skills necessary to do well in this new working context”.

A year to remember also for the opening of a new office in Dubai: “As mentioned, we did not want to stop in front of the difficulties known to all - confides Coglio -. While aware that it is not enough to open an office in a new country to create a new market, the decision to come to Dubai for Intercom also aims to put down roots in what is defined as the "new center of world affairs" , thanks to which to gain visibility and develop innovative solutions for markets that are completely different from the Western one.”.

But for a year that is drawing to a close, new challenges are on the way for 2023: “A few days of rest for the Intercom chemicals team, to then pick up where we left off: the Emirates project, the Rice UP line! developed with the partner Sanmiro with whom we have registered a patent and will continue to collaborate, the continuous diversification of the market and therefore the development of the various proprietary brands, including the brand new TechPox. The objectives
there is no shortage - concludes Luciano Mattavelli -, challenges on which we will work with the fundamental support of our collaborators, to continue to provide high-performance solutions to our customers. Happy Holidays to everyone from Intercom chemicals!”.

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