Intercom Chemicals 2023: between challenges, the launch of TechPox® and the 'sustainability' goal

2023 was a year full of challenges for all companies. The problems related to raw materials and international dynamics are the same as 12 months ago, but at Intercom Chemicals we are looking beyond: "We cannot hide behind a finger - says Luciano Mattavelli, COO of the company -, it has been a complicated year, but we have worked hard to go beyond the difficulties and achieve our goals, including the launch of a new product line, TechPox®.".

"TechPox® is our range of epoxy resins and hardeners - explains Alberto Coglio, CEO of Intercom Chemicals -, characterised by high mechanical strength, adhesion, chemical resistance and versatility. It is a product that we have developed over time thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the abrasives market. Its strong point is its ability to adapt to specific customer needs: our R&D team, by varying its formulation, can effectively create a perfect solution to meet the needs of our customers.".

An R&D team that, during 2024, will continue to expand and evolve, together with the company's in-house laboratory, in order to continue on the path of research and continuous product improvement: "We are convinced that this is the right path," continues Mattavelli. "In a constantly changing market and with the difficulties of procurement, structuring ourselves internally allows us to be more flexible and to respond punctually to the demands of our customers and the market itself, such as that of sustainability.

In fact, 2024 will still be characterised by the green theme even in our sector, the chemical one: "The Lerite® range of moulding compounds is just one example of sustainable product development," says Coglio, "which boasts both PEFC certification and, among the first in the sector, is made without the use of boric acid, a hazardous substance declared SVHC. Our commitment will go more and more in this direction because, we are certain that, if we want it, even our industry can be truly less impactful on the environment."

So, we greet this 2023 characterised by many challenges but just as many satisfactions, knowing that the new year will be no less. We take this awareness as an opportunity, an extra stimulus to do our best in developing new solutions for our customers, with a focus on their sustainability.

To all of you, Happy Holidays from Intercom Chemicals!

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