Intercom Chemicals' Certifications: quality, safety, and environmental responsability.

The control of business processes, production efficiency, and high-quality services are the basis of Intercom Chemicals' success.

We believe that these are fundamental assets for customer satisfaction, work optimization, and environmental protection. Our company has always worked to obtain certifications that attest to compliance with current regulations, such as ISO 9001 and PEFC. "Obtaining these certifications is not an easy path," says Alberto Coglio, CEO of Intercom Chemicals. "In this long process that led us to obtain these recognitions, we have organized ourselves to create an internal management system that monitors, analyzes, and enforces the required standards."

ISO 9001 certifies the company's ability to comply with rigorous production processes that guarantee the quality of activities and, consequently, of products and solutions offered, in line with market demands.

The PEFC certification, on the other hand, guarantees that the wood flour used for the production of the LeriteĀ® molding compound comes from a chain of suppliers that protect forests and their sustainability.

"These are two extremely important certifications for us," continues Alberto Coglio, "because they allow our customers to understand the quality that we put into our work and the importance we give to environmental protection, which is not taken for granted in our industry. We are confident that we are on the right track and we continue to work to achieve two other fundamental certifications as soon as possible, ISO 14001/15, which certifies compliance with all types of environmental legislation, and ISO 45001, which guarantees workplace safety. The goal is to have all three ISO certifications by 2024, an aspect that would allow us to obtain the operational excellence certificate. We will work hard to achieve this result, confident that the goal is within our reach."

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